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Digital image files from Santa Barbara Pix are available for purchase. Once purchased, a download link for the digital image file will be sent to you via e-mail within 24 hours. (Images may also be emailed to you, depending on file size).  Your purchased digital image is yours to do with as you wish. Any image(s) you purchase may be used for any purpose you wish; however, if a release may be required for identifiable individuals, you will be responsible for obtaining the necessary release. At all times, we retain ownership of the images and may use them for advertising purposes, submission for new articles or other lawful purposes, including use by future race directors to promote their event.

You may use the image(s) you purchase from Santa Barbara Pix for your personal, noncommercial use at home. You may use the image(s) for Social Networking Sites such as Facebook. Colleges and schools may post the images on their website. Schools may ask us for non-water marked versions and we will supply them at no cost.

You purchased the image and you may use it for any commercial use. Again, you will be responsible for any required releases from persons that can be identified in the image.

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