Most events for the 2023-2024 School Sports Season will have free downloads. You only need to register to download. All image sizes are available from small web-use images to full size digital files at 300dpi. You can use the images for anything you want. Give them to family. Print photos. Edit and crop them. Use them in the yearbook. No watermarks. No need to give photo credit (but feel free to give us credit if you want). There are no limitations on what you can use them for.  Continue reading to learn how to download your image(s).  *** News Organizations (print & online), are welcome to use the images, but photo credit must be given as: Photo by Santa Barbara Pix.

To Download Your Image(s):
1. Register on our site. This will prevent bots from downloading images. Bots can't register, so they can't download. Registering only takes a few seconds. We will NOT send you any spam or give your email address to anyone. If you wish, create a new email address just for download purposes.

2. Each gallery that has free images available will have a download icon on every image. Click it, then save to your computer, tablet, or phone. NOTE: Clicking on the download button on each image, you are downloading a full size image and the file size will be between 1MB & 2.5MB. 

If you wish a smaller image size, and don't want to resize it yourself, simply click the shopping cart icon. You will be offered several size options. Add the desired size(s) to your cart. You can add multiple sizes of the same image or mixed sizes of different images. When you have added the images and sizes you want, click Buy Now to receive your images.  If you add many images/sizes, it will take a few seconds to create your file. You will be given the option to download each image individually or all images as a zip file.